In 2014, 1 in 4 Keystone students scored an ATAR of 99+.

The atmosphere was great in that I could get all the help I needed without hindering the class too much. It had a very friendly and supportive environment. Homework was also challenging and we received the help when we needed it.
— Louis Ye, Sydney Boys High School
Keystone provided me with the tools I needed to learn myself.
— Alexander Nguyen, Sydney Boys High School
Keystone puts their students first.
— Richard Yu, Sydney Technical High School
The mentors made going tutoring way more fun than I expected!
I liked the relaxed atmosphere and how it was easy to ask questions.
— Phynia Hong, Sydney Girls High School
The tutors gave a closer insight into uni life and were very relatable.
Great, simple and effective way to learn economics.
— Jeremy Yang, Sydney Boys High School