Any fool can know. The point is to understand.
— Albert Einstein


Foundations are important. You are always tempted in the HSC to blindly memorise your content. You might even be able to recite the most complicated aspects of the course. But when pressure hits and exams strike, you’ll realise you don’t understand your content.

At Keystone, we help you build a firm foundation by gaining a solid understanding of the content through thorough explanation of first principles and engaging in peer discussions. Then we build on this foundation, so you can achieve your absolute best.


Once you have a great foundation, take advantage of it. Keystone resources provide in-depth revision and practice. Keystone classes include lesson time dedicated to perfecting exam technique, and exam style questions are yours to take home.


There’s more to life than the HSC. Manage your time. Take breaks. Sleep. Hang out with friends. Play sport. Listen to music. Volunteer.

Keystone Mentors guide you every step of the way in your HSC journey. We help you with your time management, teach you our proven study skills, and provide career counselling. 

These three steps are the crux of Keystone.

They’re the fundamental principles for everything we do.